Drone Racing in your School!


As Safety Third Racing Academy enters third year, Spring 2018 promises the first ever high school drone racing league — learn to build and fly  FPV (First Person View) racing drones at your school, and compete with other schools in your area!


Students and Educators, check out the links below for information on the materials we use, how to build a drone.


For more information, or to bring FPV Drone Racing to your school, please contact us at Academy@SafetyThirdRacing.com

Build Your Own FPV Racing Drone!


The S3 Ninja Star 2018 is this season's official Safety Third Racing Academy FPV (First Person View) racing drone. Click below to access our FREE comprehensive build guide, complete with where to purchase materials kits.

S3 Ninja Star 2018 Build Guide

FPV Training and Troubleshooting


So you've built your S3 Ninja Star, then crashed it. Now you're looking for how to fix it, and for activities to help develop your pilot skills? Then this FREE guide is for you!

S3RA Training & Troubleshooting Guide

Build Obstacles for your Track!


Most drone races require pilots to navigate obstacles. Learn what to buy and how to build your own obstacles with our FREE guide! Bonus: this is a fundraising opportunity for S3RA teams!

S3RA Obstacle Build Guide

Run your own Drone Races & Events!


Drone races can be exciting events for pilots, teams and spectators. Safety Third Racing has been running drone races since 2015 - learn how to prepare and run your own events with our FREE S3RA Drone Events Guide!

S3RA Drone Events Guide

Join the S3RA Slack Workspace!


If you are participating as an S3RA Chapter, your team can join the S3RA.Slack.com workspace to interact with other teams! If you would like to join, contact Academy@SafetyThirdRacing.com

S3RA Slack Team Access

S3 Community Resources


Dive into our team's ever-expanding knowledge repository, the Safety Third Racing Wiki. You'll find everything — parts and vendors, build tutorials and reference material, event set-up help, track and course layouts, and more! Find even more on our Academy page.

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Connect with Safety Third Racing!


Fly with us at our next NJ/NY/PA Meetup or OH Meetup, drool over some super-clean build photos, ride-along with an FPV racing video, or drop us a line via email.